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Workplace stress evaluation tools: A snapshot review

Shea, T. & De Cieri, H.


Project: Research

A Shared, applied epistemology for competency in computer programming

Sheard, J., Corney, M., Curran, J., D'Souza, D., Fidge, C., Hamilton, M., Harland, J., Hogan, .., Kay, J., Lister, R., Murphy, T., Roggenkamp, M. & Simon, ..

Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC)


Project: Research

Scottish Medical Education Research Consortium

Rees-Sidhu, C., Ker, J. S., Sullivan, F., Cleland, J. A., Morrison, J., McCowan, C., Guthrie, B., Dowell, J. & Mires, G.


Project: Research

Economic impact of combat clothing in regional Victoria

Adams, P.


Project: Research

Gosford City HACC Information Management Framework Project

French, R. L.


Project: Research

Bushfire CRC Scholarship - Anjali Haikerwal

Haikerwal, A. B., Dennekamp, M., Meyer, M. & Sim, M.

Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC


Project: Research

EU-Oceania Social Science Inter-regional Consortium (EUOSSIC)

Winand, P., Kimunguyi, P., Lentini, P. & Polonska-Kimunguyi, E.

European Commission


Project: Research

Economic Analysis of Native Forest Harvest Scenarios in Tasmania

Dixon, J.


Project: Research

Un Projects inc - un magazine 5.2

Haylock, B.


Project: Research

Advocacy Video

Rose, C. & Hampel, G.


Project: Research

Extension of randomised controlled trial of MoodCare: Managing co-morbid depression after acute coronary syndrome

Oldenburg, B., Atherton, J., Hare, D., Hawkes, A., Hollingsworth, B., Jelinek, M., Sanderson, K. A. & Taylor, C. B.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research

Basin Plan CGE modelling using TERM-H2O

Wittwer, G.


Project: Research