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Modelling the population impact of injury

Gabbe, B.


Project: Research

IA: Immersive Analytics: Interactive Data Analysis Using Surfaces and Spaces

Dwyer, T., Thomas, B. H., Marriott, K., Billinghurst, M. & Schmalstieg, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Social and environmental selection on femal ornaments and armanents

Delhey, K., Langmore, N. & Mulder, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Mechanisms of Hedgehog Signaling in Small Cell Lung Cancer

Watkins, N., Ganju, V. & Peacock, C.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

NHMRC Research Fellowship

Davis, S.


Project: Research

Stem Cells Australia

Little, M., Kilpatrick, T., Gardner, D., Hilton, D., Polo, J., Hobbs, R., Bourne, J., Marcelle, C., Rosenthal, N., Stanley, E., Elefanty, A., Barberi, T., Gray, P., Cooper-White, J., Wainwight, B., Wolvetang, E. J., Nielsen, L., Bartlett, P. F., Wells, C., Harvey, R. P., Graham, R., Palpant, N., Alexander, W. S., Laslett, A., Nilsson, S., Haylock, D., Grimmond, S. M., McDonald, V., Abud, H., Currie, P., Haynes, J., Janovjak, H., Martino, M. & Merson, T.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University – Internal University Contribution


Project: Research

Tram to car collision safety investigation

Corben, B. & Candappa, N. L.


Project: Research

Evaluation of perceptual countermeasures for motorcyclist safety

Corben, B., Candappa, N. L., Fildes, B., Fotheringham, N., Lenne, M., Mulvihill, C. & Newstead, S.


Project: Research

Descriptive Analysis of Victorian Motorcyclist Count Data 2

Candappa, N. L., Becker, L., Corben, B. & Symmons, M. A.


Project: Research

Intersection Safety - Meeting Victoria's Road Safety Challenge

Corben, B., Archer, J., Candappa, N. L., Johnston, I., Lenne, M., Mulvihill, C. & Young, W.


Project: Research