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EMSAFE – Employee Voice and Safety at Work in a time of Scarcity

Lamvik, G., Donaghey, J., Hvid, H., Sampson, H. & Melberg, K.


Project: Research

Enabling 3D stochastic geological modelling

Ailleres, L., Jessell, M., de Kemp, E. A., Caumon, G., Wellmann, J. F., Armit, R., Droniou, J., Lindsay, M. D., Cui, T., Betts, P., Cruden, S., Kemp, C., Gessner, K., Spampinato, G. P. T., Harrison, M. & Kessler, H.


Project: Research

Enabling Ongoingness: Content Creation & Consumption in the New Digital Age

Wallace, J., Lawson, S., Montague, K., Olivier, P., Morrissey, K. & Craig, C.


Project: Research

Enabling place pedagogies in rural and urban Australia.

Somerville, M., Davies, B., Gannon, S. & Power, K.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Western Sydney University, Griffith University


Project: Research

Enabling the Rural Academic Practice

Nestel, D., Brown, J., Bryant, M. & Villanueva, E.

General Practice Education and Training


Project: Research

Enacting LGBT Inclusion in Cricket

Storr, R., Jeanes, R., Symons, C. & Rossi, T.

Cricket Victoria


Project: Research

Endocrinology Clinical Trials (Maroondah Hospital)

Gerstman, M.


Project: Research

End of life wishes and concerns of people with Huntington’s disease and their caregivers

Jackson, N., Mathers, S., Stout, J., Gluyas, C., Hosken, R., Gregory, H. & Carlozzi, N. E.


Project: Research