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Effect of genetic variation in the TGF gene on the onset and progression of diabetic nephropathy

Stein-Oakley, A., Gilbert, K. M., Mitchell, R. & Thomson, N.

CASS Foundation


Project: Research

Effect of January 2003 bushfires on water quality in receiving waters

Grace, M. & McKelvie, I.


Project: Research

Effect of maternal asthma and allergic challenge on maternal and fetal physiology

Bischof, R., Moss, T., Gatford, K., Morrison, J. L., De Matteo, R., Clifton, V., Muhlhausler, B. S. & Wallace, M.

Jack Brockhoff Foundation


Project: Research

Effect of prior Blackspot programs on motorcycle safety

Corben, B., Newstead, S. & Scully, J.


Project: Research

Effect of Renal Sympathetic Denervation on Glycemic Status Independent of Blood Pressure-Lowering

Krum, H., Bailey, M., McConell, G. K., Schlaich, M. & Shaw, J. E.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research

Effect of stand condition on ant assemblages in river red gum forests on the Victorian Murray River Floodplain

Horrocks, G. F. B., Cunningham, S. C., Mac Nally, R. & O'Dowd, D.

Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment


Project: Research

Effects of a free trade agreement between the USA & SACU

Adams, P. & Horridge, M.


Project: Research

Effects of CR014 in murine EAE model

Bernard, C.


Project: Research

Effects of P38 MAPK inhibition following myocardial infarction in rats

Krum, H. & Kompa, A.


Project: Research