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A single molecule real-time DNA sequencing facility

Doerig, C., Andrianopoulos, A., Balasubramanian, S., Gasser, R., Holt, K. E., Rood, J., Seemann, T., Stinear, T. P., Sunnucks, P. & Turner, S. J.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Melbourne Grammar School Sculpture Commission

Morton, C.


Project: Research

New vectors, new diseases: Understanding the risk of chikungunya transmission in Australia

Frentiu, F., Hu, W., Devine, G., Yakob, L. & McGraw, B.


Project: Research

STAREE Biobank

Zoungas, S.

Estate of Linda K Brightford


Project: Research

CSSW standard placement assessment project.

Oliaro, L. & Dowden, C.

Australian Association Of Social Workers


Project: Research

Development and Pilot of a Gender Gap App

Kalms, N., Bawden, G., Matthewson, G., Berry, J., Webb, I., Aisenberg, A., Robertson, F. & Sturmfels, B.


Project: Research

Explaining the outcomes of complex computational models (Explainable AI)

Situ, S., Zukerman, I., Haffari, R., Paris, C. & Xu, C.


Project: Research

Getting There - Enhancing School Attendance

Melvin, G.

Mental Health Australia


Project: Research

Developing checklist/s for the implementation of the rural pipeline in various contexts

O'Sullivan, B., Chater, B., Bingham, A., Wynn Jones, J., Worley, P. & Couper, I.

WHO - World Health Organization Switzerland


Project: Research

Imaging the HIV reservoir in vivo

McMahon, J., Lewin, S., Hagemeyer, C., Rasmussen, T. & Egan, G.

Alfred Health


Project: Research