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ISCRR Work-related Fatality project

Ozanne-Smith AO, J.


Project: Research

Post ACL prevention of Osteoarthritis

Cicuttini, F.


Project: Research

TFT2: Identify new Trojan female mutations in vinegar flies to support screening of clover root weevil

Phillips, C., Dowling, D., Kean, J., Tompkins, D. & Gemmell, N.


Project: Research

Klebsiella pneumoniae – a key driver in the global spread of antimicrobial resistance and a target for new approaches in diagnostics, surveillance and alternative therapeutics (KLEB-GAP).

Sundsfjord, A., Hoyland Lohr, I., Samuelsen, O., Sunde, M., Lunestad, B. T., Brisse, S., Giske, C., Bengoechea, J., Holt, K. & Frantzen, C.


Project: Research

Child unintentional poisoning interventions: improving the uptake of safety practices

Ozanne-Smith AO, J. & Sherrard, J.


Project: Research

Targeted study of injury data involving motorised mobility scooters

Ozanne-Smith AO, J.


Project: Research

Child booster seat use in China: a focus group study

Ozanne-Smith AO, J., Cao, R. & Winston, F.


Project: Research

China Seat Belt Study

Ozanne-Smith AO, J.

World Bank USA


Project: Research

Small Molecule X-ray Molecular Structure Elucidation Facility

Batten, S., Abrahams, B., Andrews, P., Barnard, P., Boskovic, C., Deacon, G., Donnelly, P., Hogan, C., Holmes, A., Hughes, A., Hutton, C., Jones, C., Junk, P., Murray, K., Richards, A., Spiccia, L., White, J., Williams, S., Wilson, D. & Young, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research

PowerSleep: Enhancing Slow Wave Sleep and Cognition

Anderson, C., Ftouni, S., Drummond, S., Grunstein, R. R., Gordon, C. & White, D. J.


Project: Research

Follow up study of serious dog bite injury among children

Murdoch, K. & Cassell, E.


Project: Research

Genuinely quantum stochastic processes.

Modi, K., Pollock, F., Guehne, O., Spee, C. & Xu, Z.


Project: Research