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2020 Advancing Women's Research Success Grant Application

Marneweck, M.


Project: Research

Demand for Optometric Services Projection for 2011-36

Healy, E. & Arunachalam, D.


Project: Research

Submission to the Australian Government Review of Higher Education

Birrell, R. & Healy, E.


Project: Research

Piloting the Ambulance Nurse Course in Indonesia

Plummer, V., Boyle, M., Suryanto, S. & Wallis, J.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia)


Project: Research

How best to curb the public health impact of emerging and re-emerging infectious disease due to climate change (China)

Han, G., Bi, P., Cameron, S. A., Hansen, A. L., Liu, Q., Sun, Y., Weinstein, P. & Williams, C. R.

Australian Aid (Australian Agency for International Development)


Project: Research

A History of Australasian Philosophy

Trakakis, N. & Oppy, G.

Myer Foundation & Sidney Myer Fund


Project: Research

Immigrant health, community action and sustainability: the evolution of the Multicultural Centre for Woman's Health

Manderson, L., Baho, S., Cartwright, E., Kasnitz, D., Markovic, M. & Vasey, K.

Don Chipp Foundation Ltd.


Project: Research

ACEMID: Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging and Diagnosis

Soyer, P., Mann, G. J., Mar, V., Janda, M., Aitken, J., Fernandez-Peñas, P., Gray, L. C., Menzies, S., Scolyer, R. A., Wolfe, R., Cust, A., Guitera, P., McCormack, C., Morton, R., Caffery, L. & Bonnington, P.


Project: Research

E-petitions in the UK

Miller, H. & Wright, S.


Project: Research

Advancing women in healthcare leadership

Teede, H., Skouteris, H., Boyle, J., Riach, K., Homer, C. S. E., Currie, G., Smith, J., Zeps, N., Joham, A., Dhulia, A., Keenen, A. M., Crump, B., Lai, C., Sigston, E., Elston, J., Small, J., Grivell, R. M., Williams, S. & Dufty, T.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Health and fertility of young men conceived using intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection

McLachlan, R., Halliday, J., Amor, D. J., Lane, M., McBain, J., O'Bryan, M., Rombauts, L. & Saffery, R.

Monash IVF Group Limited


Project: Research

AUVAP: The Association of Ukrainians in Victoria Archival Project

Achilli, A., Pavlyshyn, M. & Ordynat, R.


Project: Research

MRV support: Aplastic Anaemia Registry

Wood, E.


Project: Research

The role of aspirin in the prevention of colorectal cancer

Zalcberg, J., Wolfe, R., Macrae, F., Gibbs, P., Firestein, R., Woods, R. & Chan, A.


Project: Research

Cybersecurity competencies for MSMEs

Chan, C.


Project: Research