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Stockperson Selection Module(s) Development and Testing

Coleman, G., Carless, S., Eley, M., Sawyer, A. & Hemsworth, P.

Australian Pork


Project: Research

Community Safety Networks Project Evaluation

Wickes, R., Forbes-Mewett, H., Gordon, E., Blaustein, J., Benier, K., Pickering, S., Powell, R., Hargreaves, K., Keel, C. & Helps, N.


Project: Research

APOSTEL VIII: Atosiban versus placebo in the treatment of late threatened preterm labor (APOSTEL VIII)

Oudijk, M. A., Mol, B., Van der Post, J. A. M. & Kok, M.


Project: Research

The Social Impact of Family Separation on Refugee Settlement and Inclusion in Australia

Wickes, R., Powell, R. & van Kooy, J. R.


Project: Research

Cost-effectiveness of tubal flushing

Mol, B.


Project: Research

Sleep-wake Problems in People Without Primary Sleep Disorders

Redman, J., Bruck, D., Coleman, G., Conduit, R., Crewther, S. G., Francis, A., Hood, B. & Richdale, A.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University, Victoria University, La Trobe University, RMIT University


Project: Research

Building the evidence base for ‘Safe Families’ - a comprehensive community-led model for violence prevention in Solomon Islands

Trembath, A., Fisher, J., Fulu, E., Lees, S., Dicker, K., Puiahi, D., Gosper, S. & Devries, K. M.


Project: Research

Using digital health to improve sexual and reproductive health literacy and service utilisation (SRH care) for LGBTQI+ refugee populations in Africa

Boyle, J., Hounsell, B., Bartlett, R., Huynh, K., Smith, J., Usmani, S., Charnock, J. & Goube, J.



Project: Research

Rail related suicides in Victoria: Analysis of database and literature review update

Routley, V. H. & Clapperton, A.


Project: Research