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GM Holden - Addit. requests/Visitors

Hart, B.

2/07/02 → …

Project: Research

The Assessment of Long Term Coronary Risk in the Australian Population

McNeil, J., English, D. R., Giles, G. G., Harrap, S. B., Liew, D., Magliano, D. & O’Dea, K. O.

Heart Foundation


Project: Research

Developing a framework to describe school Geography Curricula around the world.

CHANG, C. H., Kidman, G., Mitchell, J. T. & Wi, A.


Project: Research

One Space One (new collaborative work)

Go, A., Kawabata, T., Britton, C., Chan, K., Flynn, M. & Coventry, M.

10/12/18 → …

Project: Research

Six Moments in Kingston Town

Panigirakis, S.


Project: Research

Investigation of the utility and the user experiences of widespread access to accurate emergency department wait times.

Walker, K., Ben-Mier, M., Joe, K., Papatheohari, J., Rankin, D., Stephenson, M., Martini, E., Lowthian, J., Stephenson, M., Blecher, G., Rodda, H., Turhan, B. & Tantithamthavorn, C.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

Survey of Monash University Medical Graduates Project

Joyce, C. & Macneil, J.


Project: Research

General Practice Mapping Project

Joyce, C.


Project: Research

Water sensitive outcomes for infill developments

Kenway, S. J., Bradley, M., London, G., Bertram, N., Newton, P., Renouf, M., Lam, K. L., Beardmore, K., Zaman, S., Corby, N., Ryan, G., Tapper, N., Kerry, P., Yuan, Z., McLean, L., Dotto, C., Temov, N., Stack, M. & Urich, C.


Project: Research

Targeted development of AMPK β2-isoform allosteric activators

Oakhill, J., Baell, J. & Kemp, B. E.


Project: Research

New Treatments for Chagas Disease

Baell, J. & Kelly, J. M.


Project: Research

Dog Bite Statistics - context of Victoria

Day, L. & Murdoch, K.


Project: Research