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Young people's privacy in an online world

Witzleb, N., Paterson, M., Birnhack, M. & Kalev, S.


Project: Research

DTA: Dynamic Tolling Algorithm

Webb, G., Wang, T. & Yun, C.

Transurban Ltd


Project: Research

International Synchrotron Access Grant AS/IA173

Croughan, M. & Kitchen, M.


Project: Research

Soil fertility assessments to improve taro production

Wong, V. & Macdonald, B.


Project: Other

Fire-loving' plants of the mid-Cretaceous and the evolution and functions of plant resins

Mays, C., Stilwell, J., Bevitt, J., Connor, S., Crane, P., Herendeen, P., Herrera, F., Slodownik, M., Beilharz, M. T. & Garbe, U.


Project: Research

Alfred Research Health Alliance Collaborative Seed Grant

Vodstrcil, L. & Hayward, J.


Project: Research

Development of a routine data collection process in community-based end-of-life care

Mitchell, G. K., Deckx, L. & Johnson, C.


Project: Research

Build on a community-based participatory approach to developing services for youth between the ages of 16 and 25 with a parent with a mental health disorder.

Villatte, A., Aimé, A., Piché, G., Marcotte, J., Grove, C., Leblanc, L. & Roberge, M.


Project: Research

Volgren EV Roof Design

Fridman, I. & Napper, R.


Project: Research

Situational Judgement Test Pilot for CICM

Hay, M.


Project: Consultancy

Cheshire Toolkit website development

Skouteris, H. & Blewitt, C.

Bestchance Child Family Care


Project: Research

AWGSA support for feminist event

Kanai, A. & McCann, H.


Project: Other

INT-0447 Market Intelligence

Duan, Y. & Yeh, C.


Project: Research

Developing checklist/s for the implementation of the rural pipeline in various contexts

O'Sullivan, B., Chater, B., Bingham, A., Wynn Jones, J., Worley, P. & Couper, I.

WHO - World Health Organization Switzerland


Project: Research

Evaluating the effectiveness of dogs and humans in the search for fox scat

Bennett, E. M., Moore, J. & Hauser, C. E.


Project: Research