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A2.1 Understanding social processes to achieve water sensitive futures

Lindsay, J., Fielding, K. S., Frost, L., Gaynor, A., Gregory, J., Morgan, R., O'Hanlon, S. & Spearitt, P.


Project: Research

Evaluation of the Motorcycle Blackspot Program

Newstead, S., Cameron, M., Corben, B., D'Elia, A., McClure, R. & Scully, J.


Project: Research

RiskLab Projects - Mathematical Sciences

Loeper, G., Hamza, K., Klebaner, F. & Knight, K.


Project: Research

Automatic music feature extraction, classification and annotation

Lu, G., Ting, K. M. & Zhang, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

GooD4Mums: A randomised controlled implementation trial to reduce conversion from gestational diabetes to type 2 diabetes in general practice

Teede, H., Dunbar, J., Boyle, D., Versace, V. L., Speight, J., Lim, S., Morgan, M., O'Reilly, S., ford, D., Liew, D., Hendrieckx, C., McNamara, K., Morrison, M., Johnson, G. & Bennett, C.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

Elliott, J., Green, S., Zoungas, S., Buchbinder, R., Craig, J. C., McGowan, S., Tendal, B., Tate, R., Turner, T., McDonald, S. & Gurry, S.

Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation


Project: Research

The Way Back App and Companion Webpage

Melvin, G., Coles, J. & Tonge, B.

Movember Australia


Project: Research

Ornithological research

Clarke, R., Nance, A. H., Mitchell, W. & Halpin, L. R.

Cynthia Kroyer


Project: Research

Volgren PhD Scholarship 2009

De Bono, A.


Project: Research

Young Australians alcohol reporting system

Allsop, S., Mattick, R., Lubman, D., Burns, L., Chikritzhs, T. N., Gilmore, W. & Lloyd, B.

Australian National Preventive Health Agency


Project: Research

Expert review of emissions projections methodology

Forbes, C., Gordon-Brown, L. & Hyndman, R.


Project: Research

Enhanced X-Ray Analysis and Characterisation Facility

Junk, P., Adams, M., Akolekar, D., Andrews, P., Batten, S., Bhargava, S., Bhattacharya, S., Deacon, G., Johnston, P., Langford, S., Latham, K., Macfarlane, D., Mainwaring, D., Murray, K., Scott, J., Shanks, R., Sood, D. & Spiccia, L.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University, RMIT University, University of Melbourne

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Project: Research