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Using data linkage to reduce avoidable hospitalisation

Mazza, D., Turner, L., Wood, C., Weerasuriya, R., Weldon, P. & Loh, E.

Department of Health (Australia)


Project: Research

Using digital health to improve sexual and reproductive health literacy and service utilisation (SRH care) for LGBTQI+ refugee populations in Africa

Boyle, J., Hounsell, B., Bartlett, R., Huynh, K., Smith, J., Usmani, S., Charnock, J. & Goube, J.



Project: Research

Using healthcare wisely: Reducing inappropriate use of tests and treatments

Glaziou, P., Buchbinder, R., Maher, C. G. & McCaffery, K.


Project: Research

Using Polygenic Risk Scores to Target Statin Therapy in Primary Prevention

Nicholls, S., Semsarian, C., Wong, D., Zoungas, S., Ingles, J. & Nelson, A.


Project: Research

Using practice analytics to understand variation and support reflective practice

Shaw, T., Gasevic, D., Rankin, D., Brown, K., Conley, J. & Mews, A.


Project: Research

Using social media data to identify markers of depression risk among individuals: A longitudinal cohort study

O'Dea, B., Larsen, M. E., Venkatesh, S., Phung, D. & Glozier, N.


Project: Research