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ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society

Thomas, J., Burgess, J., Sellis, T., Horst, H., Lupton, D., Goggin, G., Pink, S., Sanderson, M., Henman, P., Bruns, A., Dan, H., Andrejevic, M., Suzor, N., Potts, J., Parker, C., Leckie, C., Dowse, L., Richardson, M., Schulz, W., Fors, V., de Rijke, M., Puschmann, C., Jurko, I., Stoyanovich, J., Yeung, K. & Pasquale, F.


Project: Research

Health or economy? Making the best impossible decision.

Le Bodic, P., Ernst, A., Thamrin, S. A. & Nasir, S.


Project: Research

In vitro study of biofilm formation on new HVAD driveline

Qu, Y., McGiffin, D., Peleg, A. & Thissen, H.


Project: Research

Photo 2021

Andrew, B.

Photo Australia Ltd


Project: Research

Forecasting Framework for PyTorch

Bergmeir, C.


Project: Research

Building Resilience and Responsiveness in Indonesian Healthcare Supply Chains

Sohal, A., Prajogo, D., Dhewanto, W. & Basri, M. H.


Project: Research

Talent Mismatch: Evidence from Australian Administrative Tax Records

Rendall, M. T., Tanaka, S., Guvenen, F. & Carter, A.


Project: Research

Consumer and clinician led priority setting for the NNIDR MEDicines and DEMentia (MEDDEM) National Research Action Plan

Reeve, E., Nguyen, T. A., Ellett, L. M. K., Gilmartin-Thomas, J., Tan, E., Chenoweth, L., Sawan, M., Quirke, L., Hilmer, S. N. & Sluggett, J.


Project: Research

Unlocking the secrets of metabolic variation in a highly diverse bacterium

Wyres, K., Holt, K., Monk, J. & Brisse, S.


Project: Research

CyberABIlity: A co-designed web resource to help people with ABI stay safe from online scams

Gould, K., Ponsford, J., Holliday, A., Brokenshire, C. & Archer, A.


Project: Research

Building 4.0 CRC: Better buildings, new efficiencies through technology and collaboration

Aitchison, M., Ngo, T. D., Maxwell, D., Couper, R., Breen Lovett, S., Cumarasamy, S., Blue, K., Laverty, C., Gerber, P., Merkoulova, Y., Sohal, A., Dare, R., Moehler, R., Nicholson, A., Grundy, J., Garcia De La Banda, M., McCormack, J., Vu, L. H., Dwyer, T., Murray, S., Kulic, D., Bai, Y., Davies, C., Zhou, J., Duffield, C., Singh, P. J., Bridge, A., Erol, I., Drogemuller, R. & Mahendran, M.


Project: Research

Caveospheres: A versatile peptide delivery system

Johnston, A., Veldhuis, N., Poole, D. & Foley, M. A.


Project: Research