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Interaction of fluorinated surfactants with model cell membrane lipids

Tabor, R., Pottage, M. & Vidallon, M.


Project: Research

Radiopharmaceutical-ImmunoOncology Combination Therapies - INT-0723

Chandler, P. G. & Buckle, A.


Project: Research

Review project: Suicide risk in men, services for suicide prevention and the tailoring of such services to men.

King, K., Nicholas, A., Krysinska, K. & Pirkis, J. E.


Project: Research

Natural Therapies Methodological Reviews

Brennan, S., McDonald, S., McKenzie, J., Green, S. & Murano, M.


Project: Research

Biomarker Development in Interstitial Fluid (ISF): A Pilot Study

Mcmahon, B. & Anderson, C.


Project: Research

Unlocking Shared Mobility – Investigating free-flow parking for car-sharing in Australia

Harris, S., Dodson, J., Taylor, L., Ryan, S., Taylor, A., Borlace, M. & Silva, L. P.

RMIT University


Project: Research