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Learning to Discover Security Flaws in Stateful Programs

Boehme, M., Pham, T., Kapugamawasangamagedon, C. G. K. & Zeller, A.


Project: Research

The First World War: Cultures of Remembrance in Australia and Germany

Deiters, F., Dorrer, A., Barrett, A. S. & Regener, U.


Project: Research

Addressing Australia’s national transfusion research priorities

Wood, E., McQuilten, Z., Cameron, P., Cooper, J., Reade, M. C., Higgins, L., Trotman, J., Stanworth, S., Bielby, L., Coiera, E., Reynolds, J., Mo, A., Flint, A., Sanderson, B., Sparrow, R., Harris, A. & French, C. J.


Project: Research

Collaborative Partnerships in Action – Proactively Enacting Educational Change

Saggers, B., Whelan, M., Odier-Guedj, D. & Ashburner, J.


Project: Research

IC18.4 Enabling fragment-based lead discovery for challenging targets

Mackay, J. P., Kassiou, M., Scanlon, M. & Capuano, B.


Project: Research

Gift Agreement with Skyline Nu-Tech

Chai, Z. & Cooper, M.


Project: Research

MONARCH - Monash ANCA Associated

Ryan, J.


Project: Research

Natural Therapies Methodological Reviews

Brennan, S., McDonald, S., McKenzie, J., Green, S. & Murano, M.


Project: Research

Review project: Suicide risk in men, services for suicide prevention and the tailoring of such services to men.

King, K., Nicholas, A., Krysinska, K. & Pirkis, J. E.


Project: Research