3D Diffraction Imaging and In-Situ studies of Nanostructures

  • Nikulin, Andrei (Primary Chief Investigator (PCI))

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    Nanocystalline materials consist of metal, ceramic or polymer materials in powder form, with particle sizes measured in nanometers. The near atomic sizes of these particles, combined with dynamic properties of surface atoms, means they can be used to alter and enhance the performance of other materials. These capabilities enable us to produce materials with chemical, electrical and optical behaviour that go beyond the capability of the original material. Modern materials processing techniques, which routinely deliver polycrystalline and mulitphase materials structured on the nanoscale, are creating a novel class of materials and devices in which the structure and properties of the nano-particles are paramount, and an understanding of theses features of such nanstructures is still greater imperative.
    Effective start/end date27/05/0831/05/08


    • Australian Synchrotron (Australia): AUD6,680.00
    • Australian Synchrotron (Australia): AUD5,250.00
    • Australian Synchrotron (Australia): AUD6,680.00
    • Australian Synchrotron (Australia): AUD6,830.00