25 Years In: Case Studies of Restorative Justice in Australian Schools

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In the 1990s, Australia was internationally recognised as a restorative justice (RJ) pioneer, introducing RJ into schools in Queensland in 1994. This is the first official record of any school in the world using RJ; the trial practice was evaluated, making it also the very first research study into RJ in schools. Thus 2019 marks the 25-year anniversary of RJ in schools, an Australian achievement that deserves commemoration, reflection and stocktaking. This project will produce two case studies of schools involved in exemplary RJ practice to help us understand the current state of RJ in Australian schools.
Short titleRJ in Australian Schools
Effective start/end date14/08/1931/12/19


  • restorative justice
  • restorative practice
  • education
  • wellbeing