100_Growth Corridor (Stage 1)

Project: Research

Project Description

Growth Corridor is a 15-metre-high concrete form that appears differently from all vantage points and velocities. The name of the work is borrowed from three lines of exploration: the language of arterial connections between urban and suburban centres; the growth-potential of scripted digital models; and the growth-rituals of self-organising world-builders, such as bees, coral, ants and termites. Like humans, these self-organising societies reconstitute their surroundings to construct environments that accelerate connections between individuals, while sustaining and protecting life. They offer up a model of balance between population growth and environmental maintenance.
I grew up in Geelong and over the past thirty years, I have travelled the Geelong-Melbourne Road countless times and observed the exponential road, industrial
and residential growth between the two cities. ‘Growth Corridor’ is a speculative infrastructure that foretells a future in which the two cities continue to grow, subject to the logic of these connective ecologies.
Growth corridor sits on the axial alignment of Melbourne and Geelong. The cut faces align on this axis, revealing large ‘plugs’ which suggest the sculpture is a part of a larger, interconnected form. Drawing a parallel between the future growth of the two cites and stigmergy - the self-organising behaviour of social insects. The network of trails used by insects functions as a shared external memory. In the same way that the freeway acts as the neural network for the expansion of the modern city.
Effective start/end date9/05/195/06/19


  • McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery: AUD3,750.00