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Indonesia’s refugee policies: responsibility, security and regionalism

Kneebone, S., Missbach, A. & Susetyo, H.


Project: Research

Improving external validity of stated choice experiments

Bliemer, M., Rose, J., Oppewal, H. & Lancsar, E.


Project: Research

Hybrid methods with decomposition for large scale optimization

Li, X., Ernst, A. T. & Kalyanmoy, D.


Project: Research

Translating colorectal cancer organoids into patient care

Abud, H. E., Worthley, D., Burgess, A., McMurrick, P., Firestein, R., Gibbs, P., Clevers, H., Price, T., Padbury, R. & Hewett, P.

Cancer Australia


Project: Research

Ionic Liquids for Scalable Production of Monolayer 2D Materials

Atkin, R., Warr, G. G., Tabor, R. F. & Padua, A.


Project: Research

Interactive attention training technology to enhance cognitive skills in early life

Cornish, K. M., Anderson, V., Harcourt, J., Catroppa, C., Kirk, H. E., McIntosh, B. & Reynolds, J.


Project: Research

UNESCO and the Making of Global Cultural Policy

Stevenson, D., O'Connor, M. J., De Beukelaer, C., Isar, Y., DeVereaux, C., Wang, J. & Joffe, A.


Project: Research

Language attitudes and their impact in criminal justice proceedings

Burridge, K., Eades, D., Heydon, G. & Severin, A.


Project: Research

Automated high resolution and high contrast cryo-TEM for 3D structural biology

Kobe, B., Wepf, R., Parton, R. G., Hankamer, B. D., Landsberg, M. J., Martin, J., Itzstein, M. V., Jennings, M. P., Richard, D., Harris, J. M., Perrin, D., De Marco, R., Macdonald, J. & de Marco, A.

Monash University – Internal School Contribution, Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Other

Freezing and rehydration of milk concentrate

Hoadley, A. F. A., Chen, B., Jasieniak, J. & Billinghurst, D.


Project: Research

After Warracknabeal

Bird, M., Edwards, C. K. & Morgan, T. D.


Project: Research

Facility for electric & magnetic probes of materials at extreme conditions

Fuhrer, M., Edmonds, M. T., Bach, U., Suzuki, K., Karel, J. E., Kalantar-zadeh, K., Wang, L., bansal, V., Ou, J., Seidel, J., Yi, J. & Lu, Y.


Project: Other

Adolescent Girls in Protracted Emergencies: Lake Chad crisis

Gordon, E. & Phillips, S.


Project: Research

Factors affecting the incidence and impact of non-residential structure fires

Muir, C. P., D'Elia, A. D., Newstead, S. V., Bourne, M., Gilbert, J., Boucher, M. & Kim, S.


Project: Research

Evaluation of the Let's Count E-Learning Pilot Program for The Smith Family

Gervasoni, A., Perry, R., MacDonald, A. & Banks, A.


Project: Research

Frobenius manifolds from a geometrical and categorical viewpoint

Norbury, P. T., Murfet, D. & Do, N.


Project: Research

GEORES: Geomaterials from waste to resources

Javadi, A., Cuisinier, O., Russo, G., Maurice, C., Yu, J., Kibsgaard, A., Bouazza, A., Pabst, T., Caceido, B. & Consoli, N. C.


Project: Research

Reverse engineering Nature: metal extraction through mineral replacement.

Pring, A., Brugger, J., Harmer-Bassell, S., Gibson, C. T., Grguric, B. & Ehrig, K.


Project: Research

BrainPark: Revealing a new approach to addiction and OCD

Waterer, S., Yucel, M., Segrave, R. A. & Allen, A.


Project: Other

Rapid Detection of Performance Enhancing Drugs Using Nanotechnology - 168750 R116

Voelcker, N. H., Norton , K., Vedova, C. B. D. & Guinan, T.


Project: Research