Visiting scholar program at Fudan University

Prize: Competitive Fellowships


The International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization (ICSCC) at Fudan University is pleased to announce the ICSCC Visiting Scholars Program. Officially established in March, 2012, the ICSCC is a platform for research in the advancement of new approaches to studies on Chinese civilization and cross-cultrual exchange among global academic community. Supported by Fudan’s strength in the humanities, ICSCC strives to create a resident research community to engage in research projects concerning Chinese civilization.Through on-campus lectures, small-scale workshops, and publishing opportunities, ICSCC will constitute a comprehensive and multilevel system of exchange between visiting and local scholars.

ICSCC’s Visiting Scholars Program is intended for qualified young scholars from outside of China who are at the early or middle stages of their academic careers with a proposed focus on Chinese civilization. Successful applicants will receive support to pursue independent research while in residence at Fudan. They are expected to make at least one presentation on individual research topic and lead one workshop in collaboration with Fudan and non-Fudan faculty members and scholars. Projects funded under the program are expected to result in publications in Chinese.

Each year, the ICSCC invites up to 12 visiting scholars from overseas to conduct research at Fudan University for periods of 1, 3, or 6 months( Please note that scholars with foreign passports are strongly recommended to apply for a stay under 90 days according to the visa application regulation of PRC) .

The Center shall provide visiting scholars with one-time round-trip traveling expenses (standard economy-class airline price), as well as standard and reasonable living stipends and accommodations for the duration of the visit.

The Center shall provide an on-campus research office with computer printing facilities, and access to books and reference materialsin Fudan libraries.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsFudan University