Stillwell Award

  • Moore, D. H. (Recipient), Betts, Peter (Recipient) & Hall, W. D. M. (Recipient)

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Best paper in Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 2015.Fragmented Tasmania: the transition from Rodinia to Gondwana

DH Moore, PG Betts, M HallAustralian Journal of Earth Sciences 62 (1), 1-35The F.L. Stillwell Award is a medal awarded to the author or authors of the best paper of the year in the Australian Journal of Earth Science, judged by the Editorial Board. This award is supported by the Stillwell Bequest. Frank Leslie Stillwell, FAA, was a geologist in charge of the Mineragraphic Section of CSIR (later CSIRO) from 1929 to 1953.
Granting OrganisationsGeological Society of Australia