START Single Cell Fellowship

  • Suwakulsiri, Wittaya (Recipient)

Prize: Other distinction


This fellowship aims to facilitate application of 10x Genomics Chromium Technologies on Single-cell genomic sequencing techniques for early and mid-career scientists to enable innovative discoveries.

The fellowship provides
- Individualised training by a 10x genomic science and technology advisor
- Mentoring on experimental design
- 10x Genomics Certified User qualification
- 10x Chromium placement if required
- Discounted 10x genomics consumables
- Speaking invitation at 10x Genomics Millennium Science ANZ User group Meeting
- Membership in 10x Genomics Millennium Science Fellows Network
- Support from South Australian Genomics Centre (for SA based researchers)
Degree of recognitionNational


  • Single-cell genomic sequencing
  • 10x Genomics
  • Single-nuclei genomic sequencing