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Prize: Other distinction


Service Distinction is an honor that recognizes outstanding contributions and achievements of those within the Estill Voice Training Community. It can be awarded to Estill Master Trainers (EMT) and Estill Mentor Course Instructors (EMCIs). Nominations will be reviewed by EVI and the Certification Advisory Board. Awards will be announced at annual EVT Summits and World Symposiums. Requirements for Service Distinction are as follows:

Minimum 10 years as EMT/EMCI including regular promotion and teaching of EVT through Level 1 and 2 courses and Workshops/Certification training events
Testing Privileges (EMCI only)
Advanced Testing Privileges (EMCI only and not mandatory but will be taken into consideration)
Exceptional service/devotion/commitment/ to Estill Voice Training in the fields of science, education, performance, and therapy including but not limited to:
EVT advocacy
Course assistance
Product Development
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsEstill Voice International

Awarded at event

Event title10th Estill World Voice Symposium
Locationonline, New York City, New York City, United States of AmericaShow on map
Period6 Jul 2021 → 9 Jul 2021