Nominated by FMNHS Deputy Dean of Education, for the Vice-Chancellor’s Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

Prize: Other distinction


Monash Education Academy Feedback:
The Monash Awards Panel acknowledged that the written statement submitted in support of your nomination showed evidence of considerable achievement in teaching and learning.
- A fabulous WIL program that is genuinely learning focussed.
Excellent integration of a 'field experience' with the interprofessional curriculum. Great effort to get engagement internationally, nationally and from a Faculty perspective.
- This is a worldly approach to learning and is very in-tune with globalisation trends. I like they way it encourages students to see the broader perspective of what they're learning and to think about health in different paradigms. Additionally, international study experiences are widely regarded as prime opportunities for personal and professional development. I also like how this is a hands-on learning experience and provides a clinical setting to help students contextualise their studies. This is meaningful learning with a tangible result - what a wonderful program! Furthermore, actively using student feedback to drive change and improvement each year is really important and well done here.