Monash University, Dean of Science’s Award for Excellence for Research Impact

  • Gallant, Ailie (Recipient), Holmes, David (Recipient), Hall, Stephanie (Recipient), Shergill, Remy (Recipient), Gillett, Zoe Elizabeth (Recipient), Thomas, Steven (Recipient) & Goldie, James (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


Dr Ailie Gallant and Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub team members

The Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub is a unique Australian research entity, bringing the research resources of Monash University to the world of climate communication. The first of its kind in Australia, the Hub takes scientific climate information and applies research strategies from media studies, journalism studies, sociology and political science to seek to improve public literacy of climate change science. The Hub does this by partnering with mainstream media entities including television networks and community newspapers, to deliver localised climate information to large audiences in meaningful ways. In 2019, this has seen semi-regular graphics and explanations of climate information presented by TV meteorologists during news broadcasts and via publication of a weekly column in the 23 Leader Community Newspapers that are distributed around Melbourne.