Monash Faculty Teaching Awards for Teaching Excellence

  • Mak, Vivienne (Recipient)

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2019 Kirstie Galbraith, Jen Short, Vivienne Mak, Andreia Bruno, Thao Vu

The team of academic staff from the Faculty are recognised for embedding a faculty-wide approach to teaching, practicing and assessment of reflective practice to enable evidence-based skill development.

In 2017 the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences commenced a new Pharmacy degree, and in 2018 a new Pharmaceutical Sciences degree was also introduced. The faculty agreed on a number of principles across both degrees: active learning, a focus on employability and experiential learning, and a skills coaching program comprising individualised feedback and focused team meetings. By mid 2019 thirteen and a half thousand reflections have been submitted by students via their electronic portfolio (MyPharm). Seventy staff and practitioners are engaged as skills coaches with meetings of each group occurring as often as fortnightly. Analysis demonstrates students and coaches alike value the small group approach to skills development. Further research is underway to determine the impact of structured reflection and feedback on skill development.
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsFaculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences