MERGA Research Award

  • Gervasoni, Ann (Recipient), Clarke, Douglas McLean (Recipient), Clarke, Barbara (Recipient), Cheeseman, Jill (Recipient), Downton, Ann (Recipient), Sullivan, Peter (Recipient), Roche, Anne (Recipient), Parish, Linda (Recipient), Rowley, Glenn (Recipient) & Mitchell, Anne (Recipient)

    Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


    This award was achieved for research related to the Early Numeracy Research Project for:
    Outstanding achievement in mathematics education research within the previous 3 years;
    Research that has the potential to make an impact ;
    Evidence of dissemination using scholarly and/or professional avenues; and
    Research-related contributions to MERGA.

    The MERGA Research Award is for an individual or a team that has made an outstanding contribution to mathematics education research in the previous three years. Normally, one award will be made each year and presented at the AGM, but the Executive may decide to make more than one award, or no awards, in any one year. An individual recipient will receive a trophy. Teams will receive one trophy to share, and a certificate for each member.
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Granting OrganisationsMathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (trading as Merga Inc)