"Bridge" People Award

  • Brooks, M. (Recipient)

    Prize: National/international honour


    Inclusion and community are cherished values of the LSJ SIG. In their chapter, “Bridge People: Civic and Educational Leaders for Social Justice,” Shoho & Merchant (2006) describe individuals who “were committed to creating a bridge between themselves and others, for the purposes of improving the lives of all those with whom they worked. As such, they functioned as ‘Bridge People’ in the fullest sense” (p. 86). This award is meant to recognize individuals or groups whose work “creates a bridge between themselves and others” through scholarship and research.
    Granting OrganisationsAmerican Educational Research Association

    Awarded at event

    Event titleAERA's Leadership for Social Justice SIG 2019
    LocationToronot, CanadaShow on map
    Period4 Apr 2019 → 9 Apr 2019