2022 Australian Interior Design Awards: Shortlist - Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (commissioner of 4 design teams) for Who's Afraid of Public Space?

  • Rees, Sarah (Recipient), Briggs, Carolyn (Recipient), Moore, Timothy (Recipient), Braun, Nicholas (Recipient), Borg, Amelia (Recipient), Lim, Qianyi (Recipient), Tanner, John (Recipient), Cortese, Nicola (Recipient), Crockett, Lauren (Recipient) & Pahnis, Stephanie (Recipient)

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Who’s Afraid of Public Space? is a multifaceted project of art and design exhibitions and programs exploring public culture, public life and public space. Interior design treatments commissioned for ACCA’s four gallery spaces reflect the role of the art institution as a civic space for gathering, discussion, education, and discovery.
Granting OrganisationsAustralian Interior Design Awards