2013 Victorian Architecture Awards: Small Project Architecture - Shortlisted

  • Nakao, H. (Recipient), Bertram, Nigel (Recipient), Lang, J. (Recipient), Scorpo, C. (Recipient), Audley, C. (Recipient), Bird, T. (Recipient), Briggs, A. (Recipient), Cleary, L. (Recipient), Eastop, L. (Recipient), Gould, J. (Recipient), Huynh, L. (Recipient), Kinnaird, B. (Recipient), Mannering, V. (Recipient), McKenna, D. (Recipient), Parkinson, E. (Recipient), Randell, R. (Recipient), Rees, K. (Recipient), Rigney, C. (Recipient), Shaw, A. (Recipient), Sloane, J. (Recipient), Trainor, L. (Recipient), Wallis, D. (Recipient), Walter, K. (Recipient) & Wexler, H. (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

Granting OrganisationsThe Australian Institute of Architects

Awarded at event

Event title2013 Victorian Architecture Awards
LocationMelbourne, Australia
Period21 Jun 2013