2013 Think Brick Awards: Urban Design and Landscape Award - High Commendation

  • Nakao, H. (Recipient), Bertram, Nigel (Recipient), Lang, J. (Recipient), Scorpo, C. (Recipient), Audley, C. (Recipient), Bird, T. (Recipient), Briggs, A. (Recipient), Cleary, L. (Recipient), Eastop, L. (Recipient), Gould, J. (Recipient), Huynh, L. (Recipient), Kinnaird, B. (Recipient), Mannering, V. (Recipient), McKenna, D. (Recipient), Parkinson, E. (Recipient), Randell, R. (Recipient), Rees, K. (Recipient), Rigney, C. (Recipient), Shaw, A. (Recipient), Sloane, J. (Recipient), Trainor, L. (Recipient), Wallis, D. (Recipient), Walter, K. (Recipient) & Wexler, H. (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

Granting OrganisationsThink Brick Australia

Awarded at event

Event titleThink Brick Awards
LocationAustraliaShow on map
Period1 Jun 2013