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Projects 2007 2023

Distributed Ledgers and Decentralised Energy in Sub Saharan Africa

Cross, J., Montague, K., Olivier, P., Hazaz, M. & Wade, N.


Project: Research

Enabling Ongoingness: Content Creation & Consumption in the New Digital Age

Wallace, J., Lawson, S., Montague, K., Olivier, P., Morrissey, K. & Craig, C.


Project: Research

DERC: Digital Economy Research Centre

Olivier, P., Wright, P., Zizzo, D., Ploetz, T., Wilson, R., Brittain, K., Kirk, D., Corner, L., James, P., Van Moorsel, A., Watson, P., Gross, T., Bartindale, T., Missier, P., Wilkinson, D., Vlachokyriakos, V., Sniehotta, F., Hanratty, B., Vines, J., Mitra, S., Vigar, G., Todd, L., Kharrufa, A., Walker-Gleaves, C., Foster, E., Briggs, P., Balaam, M., Lawson, S., Crivellaro, C., Adamson, A., Morrissey, K., Montague, K., Comber, R., Tewdwr-Jones, M. & Guan, Y.


Project: Research

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Civics

Olivier, P. & Wright, P.


Project: Research


Design Your Own Future: Supporting Networked Design Expertise

Kirk, D. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

Urban Living Partnership - Newcastle and Gateshead City Region

Tewdwr-Jones, M., Nettle, D., Richardson, R., Dawson, R., Lawson, S., Dalton, R., Clay, R., Frewer, L., Gilroy, R., Corner, L. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

Creativity Greenhouse: Balance Network, Exploring Work-Life Balance in the Digital Economy

Robison, R., Leeds, B., Kirk, D. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

Pervasive sensing for collaborative facilities management

Clarke, J., Kelly, N., Zhang, J., Comber, R., Olivier, P., Strachan, P., Bradley, F., Hand, J., Jackson, D. & Kim, J. M.


Project: Research

Social Computing and Mental Health Research Network

Lawson, S. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

MyPLACE: Mobility and PLace for the Age-friendly City Environment

Wright, P., Blythe, M., Ploetz, T., Jarvis, H., Townsend, T., Dalton, R., Brittain, K., Degnen, C., Gilroy, R., Olivier, P. & Corner, L.


Project: Research

Development and Stage 2 RCT with Internal Pilot of a Weight Loss Maintenance Intervention for Obese Adults after Clinically Significant Weight Loss

Sniehotta, F., Batterham, A., McColl, E., White, M., Adamson, A., Brown, H., Wright, P., Olivier, P., Steen, I., Araujo-Soares, V. & Vale, L.


Project: Research

TRUMP: A Trusted Mobile Platform for the Self-Management of Chronic Illness in Rural Areas

Edwards, P., Rajarajan, M., Rodgers, P., Edwards, C., Balaam, M., Cameron, I., Reid, I. C., Wright, P., Olivier, P., Trenell, M., Norman, T. & Phillimore, P.


Project: Research

The Creative Exchange

Cooper, R., Whitham, R., Hemment, D., Myerson, J., Olivier, P., Coulton, P., Quick, A., Bowers, J., Cruickshank, L. & Tanaka, A.


Project: Research

Digital Originals

Blythe, M., Williams, R., Li, F., Wright, P. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

Embodied Selves in Transition: Disabled Young Bodies

McLaughlin, J., Collver, A. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

Language Learning in the Wild

Seedhouse, P. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

New approaches to banking for the older old

Olivier, P. & Li, F.


Project: Research

Inclusion through the Digital Economy

Watson, P., Papagiannidis, S., Li, F., Arnott, J., Blythe, P., Van Moorsel, A., Tanaka, A., Richardson, R., Reed, C., Hanson, V., Norman, S. J., Gregor, P., Bowers, J., Olivier, P. & Wright, P.


Project: Research

SANDPIT - Bespoke: Increasing Social Inclusion through Community Journalism and Bespoke Design

Frohlich, D., Marshall, J., Rogers, J., Egglestone, P. & Olivier, P.


Project: Research

MAPP-MAL: Multidisciplinary approach to a prototype for prevention of malnutrition in older people: products, places, people and procedures

Moynihan, P., May, C., Gosney, M., Methven, L., Olivier, P. & Macdonald, A.


Project: Research

Contested Common Land: Environmental Governance, Law and Sustainable Land Management c.1600-2006

Rodgers, C., Olivier, P., Winchester, A. & Straughton, E.


Project: Research