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Projects 2015 2023

Desmoglein-2; an unsuspected regulator of melanoma

Bonder, C. S., Voelcker, N. & Ebert, L. M.


Project: Research

ARC Training Centre for Personalised Therapeutics Technologies

Stewart, A. G., Pfleger, K. D. G., Voelcker, N., Pebay, A., Dottori, M., Lee, P., Elnathan, R., O'Connor, A. J., Rodger, J., Palaniswami, M. S., Doyle, B., Kennedy, B., Kameneva, T., Heng, J., Sercombe, T., Pouton, C., Zheng, M., Mangum, J. E., Volery, T., Lim, C. T., Herz, J., Baker, M. L., Lipscombe, R., Anderson, P., Keenan, M., Barker, A., Shand, T., Smith, B., Wadsworth, S., Tan, A., Rush, R., Gooley, A. A., Rose, S., Nicholson, J. & Munsie, M.

University of Melbourne, SMR Automotive Australia Pty Ltd, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Trajan Scientific and Medical, Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution


Project: Research


Rapid Detection of Performance Enhancing Drugs Using Nanotechnology - 168750 R116

Voelcker, N., Norton , K., Vedova, C. B. D. & Guinan, T.


Project: Research

Engineered Cell Therapy for Pulmonary Hypertension

Reynolds, P., Voelcker, N. & Bonder, C. S.

Royal Adelaide Hospital


Project: Research

Desmoglein-2: A novel lifeline to treat diabetes

Bonder, C. S., Coates, P., Voelcker, N. & Jessup, C. F.


Project: Research

Novel nanosensors for monitoring of water filtration membrane integrity

Prieto-Simon, B., Voelcker, N., Saint, C., Monis, P., Robillot, C. & Cunliffe, D.

South Australian Water Corporation


Project: Research

Vascularised Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix as an Alternative Site for Islet Transplantation

Coates, P., Voelcker, N., Torpy, D., Greenwood, J., Grey, S. T., Kay, T. W. H. & Loudovaris, T.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF US)


Project: Research

Lab-on-a-chip mass spectrometry tools for testing illicit drugs

Voelcker, N., Kirkbride, K., Nussio, M. & Stockham, P.


Project: Research

Engineering silicon nanowires for new-generation vascular implants

Voelcker, N., Kemkemer, R., Elnathan, R., Delalat, B., Yound, J. & Holle, A.


Project: Research

Closing the data gap: High throughput screening of nanoparticle toxicity

Voelcker, N., Lombi, E., Roberts, M. S. & Priest, C.


Project: Research