Personal profile


Dr. Johanna Beckmann has focused on researching the impact of climate change on polar regions and its implications for global climate patterns. In her Ph.D. (2014-2018), at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research with Prof. Rahmstorf and Dr. Ganopolski, she investigated the influence of Arctic climate change on atmospheric circulations in midlatitudes and the mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet. There she developed a numerical model to estimate additional mass loss caused by submarine plume melting, an overlooked process in ice sheet modelling.

Afterwards (2019-2022) she worked as a Postdoc in the ice dynamics group of Prof. Ricarda Winkelmann, focusing on extreme melt events and their impacts on the Greenland ice sheet. During this postdoc she gained expertise in ice sheet modelling by utilizing the Ice sheet model PISM.

Expanding her research interests, she is currently working at Monash University on the impacts of climate variability on the Antarctic Ice sheet. Alongside Felicity McCormack and Andrew Mackintosh, they utilize the ice sheet model ISSM to examine the consequences of climate variability. By studying the Antarctic Ice sheet, Dr. Beckmann contributes to our understanding of climate dynamics and their significance for polar regions.

Research interests

Her main research questions are:

  • What are different types of climate variability in the southern ocean and how do they influence Antarctica’s mass loss?
  • Detection and Attribution: By how much can we attribute current and future mass loss of the Antarctica ice sheet solely to climate change and by how much to natural variability?

Supervision interests

I am currently looking for Honousr students interested in investiagting the different kinds of variabilty in the southern ocean and their impact on Antartic mass loss. 

Research area keywords

  • sea level rise
  • Antarctica
  • Detection Attribution
  • Climate Variability
  • Climate Change