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Single molecule imaging laboratory

Whisstock, J., Abbey, B., Boecking, T., Braet, F., Eyre, N., Gaus, K., Godfrey, D., Goldys, E., Grau, G. E., Hatters, D., Heath, W., Hertzog, P., Johnson, M., King, N., Lee, L., Meunier, F., Quiney, H. M., Russell, S., Yap, A. & van Oijen, A.


Project: Research

CVL: The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory: Research Environment for Exploring Inner Space

Goscinski, W., Bonnington, P., Quenette, S., Reutens, D. C., Whisstock, J., Ringer, S. P., Senden, T., Egan, G., Ordidge, R., Kilpatrick, T. & Lawrence, M. C.

NCRIS NeCTAR / University of Melbourne


Project: Research

A centre for structural cryo-electron microscopy

Whisstock, J., Dougan, D., Hoogenraad, N., Kvansakul, M., Lithgow, T., Puthalakath, H., Ramm, G., Rood, J., Stojanovski, D., Colman, P., Czabotar, P. E. & Lawrence, M. S.


Project: Research

High-speed Ultracentrifuge Facility with Sensitive Scanning Optics for the Analysis of Interacting Biomolecules

Bottomley, S., Hoogenraad, N., Howlett, G. J., Klonis, N., Mulvaney, P., Perugini, M., Ryan, M. T. & Whisstock, J.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University


Project: Research