Personal profile


Dr Petraki is a Language and Learning lecturer in the Student Academic Support Unit (SASU) at Monash University. She provides language and academic support to students in undergraduate and graduate-entry professional courses within the Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences.

Her research has focused on motivation and language learning and identity.

She has several years of experience teaching Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, and academic composition to university students across diverse disciplines.

Research interests

  • Language learner Investment-Motivation
  • Language and identity
  • Intercultural communication
  • Language ideologies
  • Language attitudes
  • Academic writing
  • Foreign or second language learning
  • Gamification of learning

Research area keywords

  • Multilingualism
  • Investment
  • Language and Identity
  • Language education (incl. TESOL)
  • language learners' identity and motivation
  • Applied Linguistics