Projects 2014 2021


Disability, social mobility and the wellbeing of people with disabilities

Kavanagh, A. M., LaMontagne, A. D., Petrie, D. J., Milner, A., Simpson, J., Aitken, Z., Emerson, E. & Blakely, T.


Project: Research

Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health

Kavanagh, A. M., Llewellyn, G. M., Emerson, E., Petrie, D. J., Dickinson, H., Badland, H. M., Carey, G., Butterworth, P., Einfeld, S. & Stancliffe, R. J.


Project: Research

A non-inferiority trial of cytisine versus varenicline for smoking cessation

Farrell, M. P., Courtney, R., Walker, N., McRobbie, H. J., Gartner, C. E., Siahpush, M., Petrie, D. J., Paul, C. L., Richmond, R. L. & Ferguson, S.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research