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PhotoCORMs: Light-activated release of carbon monoxide from manganese carbonyl complexes for antimicrobial applications
Description of the project:
Carbon monoxide (CO) is commonly known as a toxic gas to humans. However, controlled releases of CO show a positive therapeutic effect in controlling cardiovascular deterioration, in promoting wound healing, bactericidal, anti-hypertensive and anti-inflammatory properties. Carbon monoxide releasing molecules (CORMs) which release CO in response to a trigger is an ingenious design to deliver CO to the targeted sites. Most CORMs are metal carbonyls that respond to a range of stimuli. PhotoCORMs which use light to stimulate release upon irradiation with ultraviolet light, visible and near infra-red have recently been utilized as sustainable CO donors. PhotoCORMs allow an exceptional control to deliver CO and site-specificity compared to application of gaseous CO. Herein we are interested in synthesizing new manganese carbonyl complexes with a highly conjugated co-ligand and evaluating its antimicrobial potency.
1. R. Dale Rimmer, Agustin E. Pierri, Peter C. Ford, Photochemically activated carbon monoxide release for biological targets.Toward developing air-stable photoCORMs labilized by visible light, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2012, 256, 1509– 1519
2. Jorge Jimenez, Indranil Chakraborty, Annmarie Dominguez, Jorge Martinez-Gonzalez, W. M. Chamil Sameera, and Pradip K. Mascharak, A Luminescent Manganese PhotoCORM for CO Delivery to Cellular Targets under the Control of Visible Light, Inorg. Chem., 2018, 57, 1766−1773.

Applications are invited from students with an appropriate background in Medicinal or Organic Chemistry/ Pharmaceutical Science/ Chemistry or related disciplines. Applicants should have interest in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. The candidates must be highly motivated individuals with the ability to conduct high-quality independent research, possess strong organizational skills, good command of written and verbal communication skills (English), and is able to work well with others. Candidates should have received at least H1 or H2A in their first degree (4 years; equivalent to one year of Australian Honours) and/or MSc degree with significant research component. The position is available only to Malaysian graduate.
Admission Criteria
English Language Proficiency
Level Of Support:
A full studentship is available on a competitive basis. Full tuition fee waiver will be provided for successful applicant.
Closing Date:
Application is on a first come first serve basis. Once a suitable candidate is found, the application will be closed.
To Apply:
Only eligible candidate should write in application and resume directly to:
(Dr Cheow Yuen Lin)
Senior Lecturer,
School of Science,
Monash University Malaysia.
Tel no.: +603-5514 4401
Fax no.: +603-55146364


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