Projects 2000 2024

Assessing recycling and waste in Interventional Radiology

Clements, W., Victor, T., Houlihan, C., Corish, C. & Chow, J.


Project: Research

Assessing the significance of Incidental Liver Lesions on Total Body Emergency CT Scans

Zhang, B., Clements, W., Ratnakanthan, P. & Shekarforoush, M.


Project: Research

Audit of the technical success and early outcomes of Radiologic insertion of Gastrostomy (RIG)

Clements, W., Shvarts, Y., Kavnoudias, H., Murnane, L., Phan, T., Lee, R. & Zia, A.


Project: Research

The technical success and early outcomes of splenic artery embolization in Trauma

Clements, W., Kavnoudias, H., Moriarty, H., Lee, R., Martin, K., Chapman, S., Joseph, T., Koukounaras, J. & Zia, A.


Project: Research

Trauma System - State Wide Capability Program

Fitzgerald, M., Mathew, J., Mitra, B., Boo, E., Groombridge, C., Kim, Y., Noonan, M., Cameron, P., Maini, A., Howard, T., Williams, K., Devilliers Smit, P. & Reilly, S.


Project: Research

Tyco Hlthcare (S/Ship)-J Dixon/P O'Brien

Unknown, ..

Tyco Healthcare

6/01/00 → …

Project: Research

Not started

BONANZA: Brain Oxygen Neuromonitoring In Australia And New Zealand Assessment (BONANZA) Trial

Udy, A., Cooper, J., Nichol, A., Rosenfeld, J., Menon, D., Bailey, M., Drummond, K., Higgins, L., Vallance, S., Hunn, M., Adamides, A., Bellapart, J. & Diaz-Arrastia, R.


Project: Other

Interventional Radiology registrar workshop project

Clements, W., Goh, G. & Joseph, T.


Project: Research

Incident and injury matched dataset: Data linkage project

Muir, C., Newstead, S., D'Elia, A., Smith, K. L., Gabbe, B., Cleland, H., Bourne, M. & Gilbert, J.


Project: Research

Henry O'Hara Surgical Research Award

Johari Halim Shah, Y. B. & Brown, W.


Project: Research

John Mitchell Crouch Fellowship

Brown, W.


Project: Research

Assessing the Safety of IVC Filter Retrieval on Anticoagulation

Clements, W., Kassamali, R., Lee, J., Kavnoudias, H., Burlak, K., Goh, G. & Joseph, T.


Project: Research