Bridging the Gap: New Voices in Australian National Security

Rublee, M. R., Goldgeier, J., Barma, N., Tama, J., Jentleson, B., Sharland, L., Conley Tyler, M. & Zimmerman, S.

Department of Defence (Australia)


Project: Research

The sociology of antibiotics and the antimicrobial resistance crisis

Davis, M., Warren, N., Hardefeldt, L., Buising, K. L., Thursky, K. A., Flowers, P. & Hoeyer, K.


Project: Research

Enhancing the Role of Military Gender Advisors

Lee-Koo, K., Gordon, E., Brown, S. & Wittwer, J.


Project: Research

Gender in Jewish Institutions

Slucki, D., Forgasz, R., Elliott, K. & Silverstein, J.


Project: Research

IAD: Internationalisation and Democracy

Thomson, R. & Schneider, C.


Project: Research

MEC: Mixed methods for analysing what political parties promise to voters during election campaigns

Naurin, E., Thomson, R., Hovy, D., Jankin Mikhaylov, S., de Vreese, C. & Wängnerud, L.


Project: Research

Charting the emergence of new markets in urban resilience

Keele, S. & Webber, S.

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Project: Research

Inclusive Economies and Enduring Peace: The Transformative Role of Social Reproduction

True, J., Gunawardana, S., Johnston, M., Rai, S., Pratt, N., Elias, J. & Lingham, J.


Project: Research

Artificial Intelligence for Stronger Democracy and Policy Performance

Thomson, R., Schneider, C., Andrejevic, M., Buntine, W., Hill, S. J. & Nakashole, N.


Project: Research

INVEST: International students' sexual and intimate partner violence experiences study

Tarzia, L., Forbes-Mewett, H., Tran, L., Hegarty, K., Segrave, M., Humphreys, C. F. & Murdolo, A.


Project: Research

Specialist Support Research Program

Maher, J., McCulloch, J., Segrave, M., Weber, L., Fitz-Gibbon, K., Muir, C. & McKernan, H.

Victoria Police


Project: Research

IP GRIP Examination of the risk of suicide following injury outcomes

Pham, L., Berecki-Gisolf, J., O'Brien, K., Liu, S., Clapperton, A., Gibson, K. & Oxley, J.


Project: Research

PTC: Pressing the Climate - Community Newspapers as Climate Educators

Holmes, D., Rogers, B., Morrow, T., Maibach, E., Gallant, A., Hall, S. & Placky, B. W.


Project: Research