Sensing Tourist Travel in Tasmania

Hardy, A., Eccleston, R., Robards, B., Wong, T., Aryal, J., Tinch, D., Booth, K. & Hyslop, S.


Project: Research

Reinventing Philosophy as a Way of Life

Ure, M., Sharpe, M. & Ansell-Pearson, K.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

How Game Changers Influence Transitions

de Haan, F.


Project: Research

Elucidating the increasing demand for genital cosmetic surgery among girls and women in Australia

Kirkman, M., Dobson, A., Fisher, J., Souter, K., Butera, R., Casper, G., Farrell, E., Michelmore, J., Steele, A., Tomlinson, J., Vollenhoven, B., Webster, A. & Yap, D.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Australian Federation of Medical Women, Family Planning Victoria, Jean Hailes Foundation, Monash Health, Women's Health Victoria, Deakin University


Project: Research

Demand for Optometric Services Projection for 2011-36

Healy, E. & Arunachalam, D.


Project: Research

Referral and Support Research Project

Howie, L., Andre, V., Bouma, G., Harris-Hogan, S. & Moss, S.


Project: Research

Indonesia's Postcolonialism: Absent, Misrecognised or Suppressed?

Heryanto, A.


Project: Research

Resistance, recogniation and reconciliation in Australia - lessons from South Africa and Northern Ireland

Muldoon, P., Little, A., McMillan, M., Rogers, J., Doxtader, E. & Schaap, A.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research