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Chasing Uranium: understanding the deportment and retention of uranium and its daughter products

Ram, R., Brugger, J., Owen, N., Ottaway, D. J., Zhao, J., Fu, W., Kalnins, C. A. G. & Spooner, N.


Project: Research

User Interface for Fire Weather Dataset

Harris, S. & Brown, T.


Project: Research

Characterising volcano-tectonic interactions on Kilauea volcano using a terrestrial laser scanner

Couperthwaite, F., Bagnardi, M. & Swanson, D.


Project: Research

Fire-loving' plants of the mid-Cretaceous and the evolution and functions of plant resins

Mays, C., Stilwell, J., Bevitt, J., Connor, S., Crane, P., Herendeen, P., Herrera, F., Slodownik, M., Beilharz, M. T. & Garbe, U.


Project: Research

Soil fertility assessments to improve taro production

Wong, V. & Macdonald, B.


Project: Other

Seasonal forecasting of fire activity

Harris, S.


Project: Research

UAV Sensing and Data Discovery for a Changing Planet

Micklethwaite, S., Walker, J., Clarke, R., Tapper, N., Sullivan, L., Drummond, T., McClusky, S., Lu, G., Dahlhaus, P., Florentine, S., PopStefanija, I. & Rawling, T.


Project: Other

3D Photogrammetric Survey and Analysis, River Sturt flood control dam, SA

Micklethwaite, S.


Project: Research

Bushfire Climatology Project - Phase 2

Harris, S. & Mills, G.


Project: Research

Identifying the source of the oldest known amber of southern Gondwana

Stilwell, J., Mays, C., McLoughlin, S., Bevitt, J. & Cantrill, D. J.


Project: Research

A Global Fireball Observatory

Bland, P., Ireland, T. R., Rushmer, T., Horner, J., Tomkins, A., Macquart, J., Chennaoui, H., Collins, G., Brown, P., Jenniskens, P., Herd, C., Swindle, T. & Pendleton, Y.


Project: Other

IRP2 Integrated economic assessment and business case development for Water Sensitive Cities: Modelling WP 6

Ifhekhar, S., Fogarty, J., Pannell, D., Tapper, N., Polyakov, M., Siebentritt, M., Whyteoak, K., Lloyd, S., Tjandraatmadja, G., Finnlayson, G., Kretzer, U., Rakela, N., Miller, C., Leiva, S., Bradley, M., Fagan, J., Fallowfield, B. & Bertram, N.


Project: Research

Deciphering the role of sedimentary sulfur cycling in low-temperature dolomite formation: XAS insights into a biogeochemical enigma

Wilson, S., Morgan, B., Burton, E. D., Johnston, S. G., Gagen, E. & Southam, G.

Australian Synchrotron


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