Projects 2000 2025


Integrated approaches to worker health, well-being and safety

Joss, N.


Project: Research

Perform biomarker assays

Wang, B.


Project: Research

Reducing the burden of injury in India and Australia through development and piloting of improved systems of care

Gruen, R., Cameron, P., Fitzgerald, M., Ivers, R., Joshipura, M., Misra, M., Mock, C., O'Reilly, G., Matthew, J., Varma, D., Smolenaers, F., Joubert, L. B., Mitra, B., Stephenson, M., Meadley, B., Cudini, D., Calthorpe, S., Kimmel, L., Farrow, N., Walker, T., Gupta, A., Howard, T., Fahey, M., Yadav, L. & Mok, M. T.

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Comm), Monash University – Internal School Contribution, Victorian State Trauma Outcomes Registry and Monitoring Group (VSTORM)


Project: Research

General Practice Mapping Project

Joyce, C.


Project: Research

National Registry for Multiple Myeloma

Wood, E.


Project: Research

Bridging the gap: addressing refugee inequalities through primary health care reform

Wallace, E., Biro, M., Brown, S. J., Casey, S., Cheng, I., Coory, M., East, C., Furler, J., Goldfield, S., Richardson, S., Riggs, E., Small, R., Szwarc, J., Teale, G., Willey, S. & Yelland, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Australian Fire Fighters' Health Study

Glass, D. & Sim, M.


Project: Research

Health Facilities Costing Study of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services

Lorgelly, P., Black, N., Gillespie, S., Irava, W., Mahal, A., Mortimer, D. & Spinks, J. M.


Project: Research

Smoke impacts on community health and social perceptions

Dennekamp, M., Abramson, M., Jalaludin, B., Johnston, F., Lyth, A., Marks, G., Morgan, G. & Reisen, F.

Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)


Project: Research

The association between socioeconomic status and total shoulder joint replacement across Australia

Brennan, S., Osborne, R., Buchbinder, R., Page, R., Pasco, J., Wluka, A. & Sanders, K. M.

Arthritis Australia


Project: Research

Oral Health Program: Priority Populations Service Review

Oldroyd, J.


Project: Research

Effect of Renal Sympathetic Denervation on Glycemic Status Independent of Blood Pressure-Lowering

Krum, H., Bailey, M., McConell, G. K., Schlaich, M. & Shaw, J. E.

The Heart Foundation


Project: Research