Sch of Public Health & Preventive Med

Projects 2000 2025


Suicide in traffic and death due to natural causes

Routley, V. H., Haworth, N. & Ozanne-Smith AO, J.


Project: Research

Effects of P38 MAPK inhibition following myocardial infarction in rats

Krum, H. & Kompa, A.


Project: Research

Insult, injury and recovery in brain disease from molecules to therapeutic outcomes

Horne, M., Aumann, T., Beart, P., Callaway, J., Carroll, F., Cheema, S., Drago, J., Finkelstein, D., Jarrott, B., Jones, N., Lawrence, A., Loiacono, R., Nagley, P., Nichols, N., O'Shea, R., Reid, C. & Wong, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Evaluation fo the department of Human Services designing care program

McNeil, J. & Majoor, J. W.


Project: Research

Safety and Quality in Undergraduate Medical and Nursing Education Project

McNeil, J., Carmichael, A., Crookes, P., Lipworth, W., Nugent, P., Wilson, R. & Wing, L.


Project: Research

The Assessment of Long Term Coronary Risk in the Australian Population

McNeil, J., English, D. R., Giles, G. G., Harrap, S. B., Liew, D., Magliano, D. & O’Dea, K. O.

The Heart Foundation


Project: Research

A Pilot Study of Fungal Avoidance in Allergic Asthma

Abramson, M., Guest, D., Thien, F. & Walters, E.

Alfred Research Trust


Project: Research

Catastrophic Injuries: Trends and Solutions

Cameron, M., Beel, A. J., Cordner, S., Diamantopoulou, K., McDermott, F., Newstead, S. & Tremayne, A.


Project: Research

NCIS Water-Related Death Data Feasability Study

Lightfoot, J.


Project: Research