Sch of Lang Lit Cultures & Linguistics

Projects 2000 2022


Youth in the city: one place many cultures

Wilson, R., Ricatti, F., Dutto, M., Iaconesi, S., Persico, O. & Simeone, L.


Project: Research

BoL: Breath of Life: Repatriating the ‘sleeping’ Aboriginal languages of Australia

Gaby, A., Marmion, D. & Murphy, E.


Project: Research

Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Joo, A. & Brown, L.


Project: Research

AUVAP: The Association of Ukrainians in Victoria Archival Project

Achilli, A., Pavlyshyn, M. & Ordynat, I. V.


Project: Research

Citizenship: Law and Literature

Lokuge, C.


Project: Research

The Newest Nationalism: Constructing a Hong Kong National Identity

Carrico, K.


Project: Research

Trilingual Dictionary Research Project

Abdul Hamid, H.


Project: Research

Thirty Years of Talk: A Panel Study of Kobe Women’s Interview Discourse

Maree, C., Okano, K., Nakane, I., Iwasaki, S., Tanaka, L. & Takagi, C.


Project: Research

Phase 2 of Crosslinguistic patterns in the encoding of Three-Participant Events

Margetts, A., Riesberg, S. & Hellwig, B.


Project: Research

European Union PhD S'ship-Flora Anderson

Anderson, F. M.

European Union

6/03/08 → …

Project: Research

Collier - Dr A Tokita

Tokita, A.

Collier Charitable Fund

3/04/02 → …

Project: Research

Collier - Dr a Tokita

Tokita, A.

Collier Charitable Fund

9/01/02 → …

Project: Research

Collier - Dr A Tokita

Unknown, .. & Tokita, A.

Collier Charitable Fund

23/01/01 → …

Project: Research

Legacies Conference, Germany

Ackland, M.

Monash University

12/10/00 → …

Project: Research

ARC Small 2000 - Dr A Tokita

Tokita, A.

Australian Research Council (ARC)

27/01/00 → …

Project: Research


Celebrating Diverse Perspectives: JSAA2019

Trefalt, B.


Project: Research

Cossacks in Jamaica, Ukraine at the Antipodes

Achilli, A., Yesypenko, D. & Yekelchyk, S.

Victor and Maria Rudewych


Project: Research

Language attitudes and their impact in criminal justice proceedings

Burridge, K., Eades, D., Heydon, G. & Severin, A.


Project: Research

Representations of Gendered Violence in Cultural Texts of the Global South

Kossew, S., Gonsalves, R., Lorek, J. & Macdonald, A.


Project: Other