Projects 2007 2020

The Victorian Simulated Patient Network (VSPN)

Nestel, D., English, L. & Kiegaldie, D.


Project: Research

Enabling the Rural Academic Practice

Nestel, D., Brown, J., Bryant, M. & Villanueva, E.

General Practice Education and Training


Project: Research

Provision of a simulation educator and technician and training program: The Australian Consortium (AusSETT Program)

Nestel, D., Bearman, M., Jolly, B., Brooks, P. M., Greenhill, J. A., Owen, H., Rudd, C., Sprick, C. & Watson, M.


Project: Research

Use of Simulated Learning Environments (SLEs) in Medical Curriculum Project

Jolly, B., Bearman, M., Brooks, P. M., Flanagan, B., McMenamin, C., Nestel, D., Sutton, B. & Watson, M.


Project: Research

Non-Technical Skills Training for Specialist Trainees using Simulation Methods

Bearman, M., Flanagan, B., Jolly, B., Molloy, E., Nestel, D. & Steele, C.


Project: Research

Health Promotion in Gippsland - Academic Input into Regional Health Promotion Action

Villanueva, E. & Oakley Browne, M.


Project: Research