Projects 2000 2024


Wilson-BrainPark Senior Research Fellow

Yucel, M. & Segrave, R.


Project: Research

Suicide Risk and Sleep in Treatment: An Intensive Daily Sampling Study

Brown, L., Taylor, D., Wiley, J. & Pruiksma, K.


Project: Research

HD CAB Longitudinal Study Protocol Development

Stout, J.


Project: Research

Training the vulnerable teen brain

Cornish, K. & Kirk, H.


Project: Research

End of life wishes and concerns of people with Huntington’s disease and their caregivers

Jackson, N., Mathers, S., Stout, J., Gluyas, C., Hosken, R., Gregory, H. & Carlozzi, N. E.


Project: Research

Longitudinal Head Injury Outcome Study

Ponsford, J.


Project: Research

Long-term impact of moderate and late preterm birth: effects on neurodevelopment, brain development and respiratory health at school age

Cheong, J. L. Y., Anderson, P., Thompson, D., Ranganthan, S., Spittle, A. J., Doyle, L. W., Clark, R. A. & Burnett, A.


Project: Research

Centre of Research Excellence in Childhood Adversity and Associated Depression and Anxiety

Hiscock, H., Jorm, A. F., Goldfeld, S., Fisher, J., Eastwood, J., Reupert, A., Sanci, L. A., Yap, M., Dalziel, K. M. & Eapen, V.


Project: Research

The role of emotional processing in improving the quality of life of breast cancer patients: a mechanistic study of art therapy

Czamanski, J., Weihs, K. L., Allen, J. J. B., Azaiza, F., Bar Sela, G., Caspi, O., Cohen, M., Lane, R., Wiley, J. & Zidan, J.


Project: Research

Neural origins of conscious perception in no-report paradigms

Tsuchiya, N., Oizumi, M., Kawasaki, H. & Tononi, G.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Interactive attention training technology to enhance cognitive skills in early life

Cornish, K., Anderson, V., Harcourt, J., Catroppa, C., Kirk, H., McIntosh, B. & Reynolds, J.


Project: Research

A scalable detection tool for childhood inattention: TALI Detect™

Kirk, H., Cornish, K., McIntosh, K. & Simari, M.


Project: Research

Long-term effect on offspring of low to moderate or binge drinking during pregnancy.

Anderson, P., Halliday, J., Elliott, E., Penington, A., Thompson, D., Muggli, E., Spittle, A. J., Forster, D., Lewis, S. & Hearps, S.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Multimodal testing for a fast subcortical route for salient visual stimuli

Garrido, M., Tsuchiya, N., Rustishauser, U. & Adolphs, R.


Project: Research

Cannabidiol may protect the brain against the harmful effects of marijuana

Yucel, M., Solowij, N., Martin, J. & Galettis, P.


Project: Research

Optimise Sleep in Brain Ageing and Neurodegeneration

Naismith, S. L., Grunstein, R. R., Lewis, S. J. G., Phillips, C. L., D'Rozario, A., Hoyos, D. C., Wilson Rajaratnam, S., Halliday, G. M., Martins, R. N. & Lagopoulos, J.


Project: Research