Projects 2000 2024


Randomised double blind study of Olanzapine versus Aripiprazole in the treatment of Schizophrenia

Damodaran, S., Adams, A., Kumar, M., Rao, S. & Wong, M.


Project: Research

Scoping study relating to National Health Priority area conditions coexisting with depression

Clarke, D., Campbell, D., Currie, K., Kissane, D., Oakley Browne, M., Piterman, L. & Smith, G.


Project: Research

MAP Program

Meadows, G.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research

A novel Internet-based clinical trial service

Green, S., Anderson, J., Carinci, F., Cesnik, B. & Silagy, C.

Australian Research Council (ARC), Monash University, Monash Health


Project: Research

Psychopathology in young people with mental retardation

Tonge, B., Bontempo, D., Einfeld, S., Gray, K., Hofer, S., Lawrence, F., Mackinnon, A., Piccinin, A. & Taffe, J.

National Institutes of Health (NIH US)


Project: Research

Use of smoking cessation sites on the internet

Anderson, J.


Project: Research

Addressing Drug-Related Welfare and Curriculum Needs within Senior Secondary Settings

Harvey, D., Biro, P., Carr-Gregg, M., Gold, S., Gough, J., Hoult, G., Kupsch, T., Kupsch, M. & Rowlands, R.


Project: Research

Triennial Review of Schools

Kupsch, M., Cairns, L., Clark, Z., Hoult, G., Meadows, G., Northfield, J., Ross, T., Rowlands, V., Smethurst, J., Stewart, N., Taylor, A. & Townsend, A.


Project: Research