Projects 2000 2024


RCT of ePACT: a flexible treatment for depression in adults living with chronic spinal chord injury.

Migliorini, C., Tonge, B., Brown, D., New, P. & Sinclair, A.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research

Equivital with GSR and oxygen saturation, PRO Diary, Actiheart, Invacare Omega Twin Boom Hoise 300EE etc.

McDonald, R., Barclay, L., Bourke-Taylor, H., Murphy, L., Callaway, E., Carling-Jenkins, R., Farnworth, L., Forster, S., Joginder Singh, S., Koritsas, S., Sawatzky, B., Thomacos, N., Torr, J. & Tracy, J.

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)


Project: Research

Suicide and the Victorian Road Toll

Routley, V. H., Davis, M. & Trytell, G.


Project: Research

Report on National Surveys of Mental health and Wellbeing Research

Meadows, G., Bobevski, I., Inder, B., Martin, P. & Patton, S.


Project: Research

Treating trauma in refugee youth: an Australian Experience

Melvin, G., Levi, M., Newman, L. & Locarnini, A.

Beyond Blue


Project: Research

Effectiveness of Social Skills Training for Children with Autism

Gray, K., Einfeld, S., Roberts, J., Sofronoff, K. & Beaumont, R.

Australian Research Council (ARC)


Project: Research

Oral Language Supporting Early Literacy

Snow, P.


Project: Research