Portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education)

Projects 2000 2021


BSN Research visit grant

Lockie, S. & Clarke, R.


Project: Other

Knowledge Mobilisation in Complex Healthcare Systems

Skouteris, H., Johnson, R., Robinson, T., Kirkpatrick, I., Devey, A., Crump, B., Melder, A. & Marais, D.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution


Project: Research

Edmedia 2000 Conference, Canada

Kennedy, D.

Monash University

16/10/00 → …

Project: Research

Not started

Response of Phytantriol-based Formulations to Humidity

Clulow, A., Boyd, B., Eason, T., Xiao, C. & Nelson, A.


Project: Research


Lightboards everywhere

Turner, L., Anderson, R., Kaur, C., Angus, S., Leroux, A., McCormick, D., Sethi, A., Nichol, C., Parasnis, J., Halupka, V., Wordley, S., Li, J., Smith, T., Gibbs, J., Wyness, A., Fogg, Q., Schliephake, K., Beilby, K., McMenamin, P., Humfrey, D., Thompson, C., Macfarlan, B., Lasky, P., Vanderkruk, K. & Morton, S.

Monash University – Internal University Contribution


Project: Research

NAATI e-Exam Platform Phase 1

Hillier, M.


Project: Research

Transforming exams across Australia: Project Ref ID15-4747

Hillier, M., Fluck, A., Cowling, M., Howah, K., Blackmore, K., Newhouse, P., Bower, M., Verity, D., Baird, M., Grant, S., Leitch, S., Geer, R. & White, B.

Department of Education and Training (Comm), University of Tasmania, Central Queensland University


Project: Research

Building institutional capacity for peer leadership: informing strategic decision-making to enhance student leadership capabilities

Skalicky, J., Fulgsang, S., Warr, K., rogan, S., Nelson, R., Dawson, P., Pereira, R. & van der Meer, J.

Department of Education and Training (Comm)


Project: Research

Resource Smart AuSSI Vic Research Project

Rickinson, M., Goold, L., Hall, M., Payne, P. & Reid, A.


Project: Research

Analytics Block to identify students at risk of disengaging

Dawson, P., Apperley, T., Bailey, N., Carbone, A., Halilovich, H., Nelson, R., Pratt, K., Spencer, E. & van der Meer, J.

NetSpot Pty Ltd


Project: Research

Measuring and Reporting Teaching Quality

Hughes-Warrington, M., Baik, C., Bearman, M., Carbone, A., James, R., Krause, K. & Smith, C.

Department of Education and Training (Comm)


Project: Research

Effect of genetic variation in the TGF gene on the onset and progression of diabetic nephropathy

Stein-Oakley, A., Gilbert, K. M., Mitchell, R. & Thomson, N.

CASS Foundation


Project: Research

Curriculum Teaching and Learning Project (C-TALP)

Kennedy, A., Fritze, P., Margetts, K. & Webster, L.

University of Melbourne


Project: Research